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Gift Ideas for Someone with Alzheimer’s or Dementia | Relish

Chelsea Roderick

Buying a gift for somebody is a lovely gesture, but it can often bring with it stress as you want to make sure they’ll like your choice, with even more pressure added around holidays and buying for several people. Buying a gift for somebody with dementia can add to these worries even further. You still have all the same concerns around making sure they’ll like what you choose, but on top of that you’re not sure whether that person’s abilities or tastes have changed whilst living with dementia.

Dementia gifts are a great way to show your loved ones (or carers of those living with dementia) that you are thinking of them by making an effort to find something they can truly enjoy. When buying gifts for people living with dementia, it’s useful to understand that the person you are buying for might not be able to do things like they used to, they might feel more confused than before, or could even get more agitated than usual. Everybody’s experience with dementia is different so if you don’t know what their current interests or needs are, it can be helpful to ask their main caregiver, family member, or friend. Understanding their current interests and abilities can help with what to buy for someone with dementia.

If they are creative, an arts and crafts dementia gift is a nice idea. Aquapaints are a fun and soothing activity best suited for later stages of dementia. There are also many different themes of these paints, so you are bound to find something that your loved one, friend, or person in your care can enjoy. Colouring books can also be something to help relax and stimulate the mind of someone living with dementia.

Puzzles for dementia and Alzheimer’s are a great gift idea too, and with Relish offering 13- to 100-piece puzzles, you’ll be able to find one with the right level of challenge. Though some may be concerned that they might offend the person they are buying for all our products at Relish have been designed to be suitable for adults, and as long as the right stage has been identified, the activity should match their ability. You can find your dementia stage under the ‘learn’ section of the Relish website.

If you are after something that can be enjoyed throughout all stages of dementia, then a product such as the Relish Dementia Radio would be a good option. The positive impact of music on people with dementia has been understood for some time, with the NHS now trialling prescribing music to Alzheimer’s patients and hospital staff to reduce heart rates, agitation, and distress.

The holiday season is often the time when families get together and group games are played. The typical group games played might be too much for somebody living with dementia, but there are still group games and activities that can be enjoyed by everyone. Musical bingo, for example, is a fun twist to the standard game, and good for people in early stages of dementia. Or if golf is more your thing, then golf target is a fun activity that can be enjoyed indoors or outside and best suited to people in the mid-stages of dementia.

Another group game that can be fun over the holidays is Snakes & Ladders and Ludo, 2 games in one! In Snakes & Ladders, the ladders provide a boost around the board, but the pesky snakes can send you backward. And in Ludo, you get sent back to the beginning if another player lands on your square, however for either game, the rules can be adapted based on skill level or individual stage of dementia.

Buying gifts for dementia might seem like more stress initially but with the right understanding of the person’s needs and abilities, you can find a game or activity that will help make someone smile, spark a happy memory, or create a sense of connection. Visit Relish this holiday season to find the perfect gift for somebody living with dementia.